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The 4th China International Import Expo(CIIE) 2021 Summary

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

hina International Export Expo(CIEE) 2021 in Shanghai
China International Export Expo 2021 in Shanghai

CIIE Trade and Investment 2021

The 4th CIIE or China International Import Expo unveiled at Shanghai will remodel presentations into commodities and exhibitors into investors, exchange thoughts and join China with the rest of the globe after 4 years of development. CIIE has developed into an international shared platform with 4 key platforms for worldwide procurement, cultural exchanges, investment promotion, and open cooperation. Public goods on a global scale the CIIE's increasingly substantial spillover effect is highlighted through businesses of attractive data and scenes of dynamic situations.

Highlights in 4th CIIE Trade and Investment Promotion

During the fourth edition of the world's largest import exhibition, officials revealed that more than $70 billion in intentional transactions were signed, according to officials who spoke at the CIIE's closing ceremony on Wednesday.

This year's Shanghai Import Expo had more than 2,900 firms from 127 countries and regions, with an exhibition area of 366,000 square meters, a new high in the event's history. During the show, 422 new items and services were introduced.

Consumption, automobiles, and services trade are among the six display categories at the fourth CIIE. The area of the consumer exhibition exceeded 90,000 square meters, making it the largest of all the sectors.

This 4th CIIE attracted over 280 Global 500 firms, with over 40 of them making their debut. For the fourth time, about 120 companies attended the CIIE.

The introduction of new items was done in a concentrated manner. More than 60 exhibitors have unveiled over 100 new items, cutting-edge technology, and creative services at this year's CIIE, ranging from red berries and clear frying oil to heavy trucks and energy-saving hydraulic stations. More than half of the products are world firsts, and many have been tailored specifically for the Chinese market.

Source: Global Times

Who Participated the 4th CIIE

4th CIIE in Shanghai, China had more than  2,900 firms from 127 countries and regions, with an exhibition area of 366,000 square meters, a new high in the event's history.
4th CIIE in Shanghai 2021

CIIE 2021 Green and Low-carbon Innovations

The CIIE 2021 Exhibition showcased cutting-edge green and low-carbon scientific and technology advancements. To effectively deal with global climate change, CIIE committee proposed a "dual carbon" goal in 2020, which is to strive to reach the peak of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. Exhibitors from various fields have brought out green and low-carbon cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements to participate in the exhibition, leading the improvement and upgrading of quality of life and consumption structure. The CIIE has drawn visitors from all over the world as a window to share development opportunities with the world.

Automobile exhibition of ​​the 4th CIIE

  1. Toyota- displayed the world's first hydrogen fuel cell system

  2. General Motors- displayed the world's first Hummer super electric pickup truck

  3. Michelin- displayed the world's first hydrogen energy endurance race car

  4. Hyundai Motor Group- brought China's first display of intelligent unmanned transport vehicles powered by hydrogen. The number of hydrogen storage tanks can be adjusted based on the mileage. A fully charged hydrogen vehicle has a cruising range of more than 1,000 kilometers.

  5. Covestro- for the first time in the Asia-Pacific area, a German material manufacturer, focused on the circular economy and presented the ISCC PLUS mass balance certified low-carbon footprint polyurethane raw material MDI and high-performance polycarbonate plastics to the CIIE.

General Manager of the National Energy Group, Liu Guoyue, disclosed that he will work with the world's leading energy technology businesses to promote high-quality green and clean energy development. On November 5, at the 4th CIIE, the National Energy Group inked a deal worth more than 1.8 billion dollars at the location of this CIIE.

News Update of CIIE 2021 from!!

Healthcare Product Innovations were displayed at the Expo

  1. Iceland-based company Össur HF- an Icelandic business, showed prostheses and non-implanted orthopedic devices aimed at improving the quality of life for physically challenged people.

  2. OSIM International Pte Ltd- showed off its flagship massage chair, which can conduct health checks, provide personalized massage treatments, and give virtual reality and aroma experiences. Through AI Biosensors, it can also monitor health data such as heart rate, stress level, respiration rate , and heart age.

  3. Global sporting goods: Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Products

  4. Skechers (U.S. footwear)- released its first ice and snow sportswear

  5. Decathlon (Global retailer of sporting goods)- generate a unique ski resort

  6. CRISPI (Italian company)- a first-time CIIE exhibitor, debuted its limited-edition shoes for the Winter Olympics next year.

Cultural Relics and Art Section: Legendary Artist Joined the CIIE 2021

  1. Yayoi Kusama

  2. Zhang Daqian

  3. Claude Monet


The CIIE's economic potential and China's determination to open up to the rest of the world as a proponent of international trade cooperation. The 4th CIIE is an excellent platform for finding agents and distributors both domestically and globally. The China International Import Expo (CIEE) continues the history of radiating opportunities abroad, by being accessible all year to visitors in order to improve cultural communication and by assisting global vendors in reaching Chinese clients. For years, financial gurus have advised investors that if they have a long-term portfolio strategy, they must include China. If you can not travel to China, SODA can help to distribute flyers on exhibitions you want to attend or arrange sales persons to join in meetings on behalf of you. Those exhibitions are good opportunities for you to promote your brand in front of a target audience.

SODA Global Marketing whole-heartedly helps potential businesses and serves as a link between companies and China, assisting them in launching and growing their businesses here. As a part of CIIE 2021, our goal is to create a complete ecological business environment for the Chinese market, as well as a community of successful enterprises that can help new entrants.


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