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SODA marketing team can help you to promote your business through Baidu, Top search engine in China.


This solution is suitable for clients:

  • Plan to promote business by Baidu 
  • Chinese website is ready
  • Target Chinese keywords strategy has been confirmed


What you will get from this solution:

  • Rank 5 Chinese keywords for your website on first page of  Baidu PC
  • Leadtime will be around 45-60 days, after after 60 days, the keyword is still not on first page, client can choose to keep waiting for ranking or asking refund 70% for the unlisted keyword ranking fee


SODA Work Process for this project:

  • Client shared the domain link and 5 Chiense keywords which needs to rank
  • SODA SEO team will work on keywords related settings on page and ranking work

  • Deliver the proof to show this keyword has been ranked well

  • Client can choose to maintain this keyword on first page of Baidu PC after initial ranking on first page.

  • Client can not modify keywords setting or add contents on website (expect blog page) for 20 days after initial ranking, or it will be easily to drop.




  • If client does not choose maintain work, SODA will not be responsible for ranking back in case the keyword is dropping out of first page after initial ranking.
  • Maintain work charges 120 USD/keywords/3 months maintain, if the keyword is dropping out of first page in some days, such days will be extended automatically on maintain period. You can order this maintain task from here.
  • This package is for Baidu PC ranking, if client needs index on Baidu mobile or other search engine, kindly place order independently


Next steps we recommend to you:

Since you just tried several keywords organic ranking, they take time to be listed on first page of Baidu. If you are hurry to get some traffic from Baidu search, you can try Baidu advertising.


  • Baidu advertising, if you have flexible budget, this solution is perfect to help to list your website on first page of Baidu search result quickly. Our solution can handle account and advertising management under one roof.


At same time, you can add some other digital marketing channels, like

  • Little redbook/Douyin, which has more engaged audiences to help get traffic back to store
  • Chinese press release, each media is one KOL, press release is an efficient solution to reach your target audience with a reasonable budget


5 Keywords organic ranking on Baidu

  • We will create a customer account for you in our Customer Center, you can log in our customer center to track your task or by your email.


    Log in link:

    Account: Your email

    Password: 123456


    You can upload files related to this project, we will communicate and deliver via the ticket of your order

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