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This is your friend SODA Smart Robot, Sam.

Happy to help you for your proposal in China.

I know maybe you are confused for initial big steps to launch your business in China. 

No worries, kindlly check my suggestions based on your information submitted.

Your lite plan for China market

I find you plan to sell to China with limited budget for launching, here are my suggestions:

1. Create your Chinese name and slogan for your brand/business.

It is very important to make your target audience to remember your business and broadcast to their friends around.

2. Register your trademark in China

This is very basic step to protect your own business name and future sales.


3. Create your Chinese website

Very basic business official face in China, you may contact SODA Sales Manager to get the quotation for your customized Chinese website, we can also help for your existing English website translation, website server, ICP issues.


4. Promoting your business by social media and PR.

Since your budget is limited, you can try to select one channel from social media, normally Wechat marketing is the very basic and popular one.

PR is very good for brand awareness and helpful to get traffic to your website.


You can check more pricing and service details on the link I put above or find such services from our store accordingly. Hope my suggestion can be helpful for you!


Your sincerely,


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