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Solve Your Business Development Problems in China

I don't understand Chinese and not familiar with Chinese traditions and busienss cultures 

Full China Service

I don't have China company and team, not familiar with China law and start up channel strategy

Strategy Consulting

I don't have team in China to handle my business and marketing tasks

Operation Service

I have limited budget, how I get one possible solution to launch my business in China

Customized Solution

Top Popular Services for China

Business Preparation Level

Top China business marketing services from SODA

When you plan to sell to China, you may need to prepare some important steps for your business, like business structure in China, register China company, how to initiate the brand presence, how to work out suitable marketing and sales strategy...

Below we recommend you some key service you may need when you launch your new business in China. 

China Trademark Registration

China Legal Consulting

Chinese Digital Marketing

There are many marketing channels in China, like social media Wechat, Weibo, Little Redbook, Zhihu, Douyin, Channels; top search engine Baidu SEO, 30000+ Chinese online medias to publish your branding press release from different industries...  

Baidu SEO

Chinese Press Release

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Sell Online in China 

Ecommerce is the top channel to sell in China, Tmall Global and JD Global are open to overseas brands and companies to sell directly. 

SODA Global Marketing can help to open your own shop on Tmall and JD, list and manage your sales on such platforms with full services.

At same time, you can choose multiple ways to do advertising online and offline in China to boom your sales!

Advertising in China

Chinese Service Solution Center

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If you are clear what you want to do in China market,you can check and order services  you need from SODA Service store directly

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If you are not sure what should do as first step, you can submit your information to get a quick proposal from SODA Smart Robot

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If you would like to connect with SODA Expert to get quick  strategy guide based on your situtation analysis, come here

Why is SODA?

How different we are...

  • Focus on specific service, like business registry only or marketing only, customer need to look for different partner to coordinate

  • Some big agencies are super expensive, some cheap teams or freelancer can not delivery stable quality delivery or result they promised

  • Most agencies can not guarantee any performance after customer pay