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Weibo Marketing Agency

As a new company in China, a Weibo marketing strategy is essential to your GROWTH or even

SURVIVAL in the Chinese market. 

Choose SODA Global marketing to develop and implement your own unique and effective Weibo Marketing Strategy today.

Weibo Marketing Service

The Best Weibo Marketing Package

One-on-one Account Manager to take care of your Weibo Official Account

4 people team to handle your Weibo KPI Guaranteed Project

Weibo official account set up

Creative Chinese copywriting

Follower engagement

Weibo Promotion Campaign

Influencer on Weibo

Monthly report

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Weibo is the second most popular social media site in China,

with over 500 million Monthly Active users(MAU),mostly made up of the young people,

Weibo marketing is vital for the success of any company trying to penetrate the Chinese market.

However it's never easy for companies, mostly those new in the Chinese marktet

to craft and implement a business Weibo marketing strategy.

SODA Global Marketing, as your Weibo Agency

help you to craft and implement an effective Weibo marketing strategy for the Chinese market through

regular posting of and engagement with your news,vides and stories to help boost your brand in China.

It is just a short, casual conversation to see if we'd be a good fit

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