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SODA has a wide range of experience in many industries. We created and executed quality sales and marketing programs. Our key goal is to help our partners to sell successfully and efficiently in China.

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We helped customers to build brand store in China such as Tmall Global,JD Global,Douyin and Redbook. 

Social Media

We helped our customers to promote on different social media platforms, WeChat, Weibo, RedBook,Douyin etc.

Press Release

We have 30000+ media resources for different niches, such as official media release, news channels etc.


We helped our customers to build Chinese website and promote the site on Baidu by CPC advertising

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SODA Douyin Marketing case study
SODA Weibo Marketing case study
SODA Wechat Marketing case study
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BAIDU Case Study
China ecommerce case study 2024
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01   China Ecommerce Case Study

Tmall Store Homepage of HearthSong


Data Analysis of HearthSong' s Tmall homepage

Data in one month

The number of online shop visitors increased by 33.81% to 162,294;

the number of buyers placing orders increased by 502.64% to 15,066;

the amount of orders placed increased by 138.83% to 770,685.98;

and the monthly transaction amount archived to 541,988.40 RMB

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JD Global Store Homepage of HearthSong 


Data Analysis of HearthSong' s JD Global homepage

Data in one month

The number of online shop visitors increased by 50.43% to 166,858;

the number of buyers placing orders increased by 98.01% to 15,233;

the amount of orders placed increased by 98.10% to 13,151;

and the monthly transaction amount archived to 3,115,156 RMB

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Social Media Case Study Example

Gravity Deyfer

Gravity Defyer medical technology company' s pain relief shoes in the US, the best recommendation by American doctors, podiatrists and sports coaches, launched to Chinese market in 2020.

Social media service for Gravity Defyer:

To launch successfully in China, SODA helped to operate Gdefy' s Chinese social media which including Weibo, WeChat official Account and Redbook, to increse their brand awareness in China mainland.

After 3 months multiple platforms operation, Gdefy has gained thousands of fans in China and increased their selling by 30%.

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Press Release Case Study Example


Bitfoliex is a well-known blockchain company in the United States

Press Release service for Bitfoliex:

Bitfoliex is the blockchain customer in the United States, SODA helped to publish Top tier blockchain and financial media in China, including Mars Finance, Sina Toutiao and other Chinese top media, and gained influential readings.


Sample posts of Bitfoliex

We had posted several articles for Bitfoliex in multiple Chinese financial media channels and gained influential views per each articles. Especially, Mars finance had 40276 views and Sina Toutiao had 50000+ views.

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Bitfoliex 2.png
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Trademark Case Study Example


A large multinational group that has been in the fruit business in Chile for more than 30 years was officially introduce a series of fruit brands in 2021, and applied for the registration of a series of brands after SODA's strategic consulting services.

Trademark service for Migiva Group:

SODA conducts trademark inquiries and applications for two of the core series of MIGIVA Group, a total of 8 brands in China, also conducts strategic analysis and provides corresponding solutions for disputed Chinese trademarks.

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Baidu CPC Advertising Landing Page 

SODA analyzed customer's target audience and territories, make keywords research and analysis and work out landing page which will be used for customer's CPC campaign.