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SODA marketing team can help you to register Wechat official account to promote your brand or business.


This solution is suitable for clients:

  • Plan to promote business by Wechat
  • Have brand product/service content 
  • Budget is flexible


What you will get from this solution:

  • Your own Wechat official account: Register and verification account, one time fee 288 USD/account, including official fee and service fee


SODA Work Process for this project:

  • Work on documents which need to submit to apply Wechat official account
  • Verification process for account
  • Full processes follow up
  • Activate  account for client



  • Client needs to have business entity in their countries
  • This account Admin permission belongs to business contact person.


Next steps we recommend to you:

After you get business account on Wechat official account, you can start posting on Wechat!

Refer to our Wechat official account monthly/quarterly operation solution to help you to feed your account in a right way.

At same time, you can also consider some other channels to build your brand together:

  • Little Redbook/Douyin, which has more engaged audiences to help get traffic back to your site
  • Chinese press release, each media is one KOL, press release is an efficient solution to reach your target audience with a reasonable budget


Wechat Official Account Registration

SKU: SDMS-199280
  • We will create a customer account for you in our Customer Center, you can log in our customer center to track your task or by your email.


    Log in link:

    Account: Your email

    Password: 123456


    You can upload files related to this project, we will communicate and deliver via the ticket of your order

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