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Xiaohongshu “Little Red Book” as International Red Mall in 2022

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

What is Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu)

Xiaohongshu, also known as Little Red Book, was developed in June 2013 by Charlwin Mao Wenchao and Miranda Qu Fang as an online shopping guide for Chinese consumers that allows users to rate products and discuss their buying experiences with others. Little Red Book’s founders' primary goal is to deliver the best e-commerce services to Chinese people. Xiaohongshu concentrates on establishing retailers, brand promotion and consumer online shopping centers.

As time went by, Xiaohongshu started to look for opportunities for overseas products. In October 2014, Xiaohongshu built a cross-border e-commerce platform of its own, known as the RED Mall, where international brands can sell their products to Chinese consumers. Work with one Little Red Book Marketing Agency can help you to know more about this APP and make right strategy for your product.

Redbook Xiaohongshu Marketing Agency SODA
Redbook Xiaohongshu Marketing Agency SODA

Who are Xiaohongshu Active Users

Age Bracket Users
Little Red Book active users;  most of them belong to millennials(41%) and Gen Z (58%)
Little Red Book Active users

Xiaohongshu (known in English as Little Red Book) was a successful Chinese social commerce website with almost 100 million active members. Based on Statista.com , Little Red Book active users are estimated as one hundred million users and most of them belong to millennials(41%) and Gen Z (58%).

Gender Bracket Users

Xiaohongshu Female users got the 80% which skewed excellent platform for marketing and advertising skincare, cosmetics, and fashion items.