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Trademark Office in China

Do I need a trademark in china?

Yes, you definitely need. After having a trademark in China, you can

  • Protect your own brand name

  • Use trademark to apply ecommerce shop

  • Use trademark to apply verified social media account

  • Lock your audience and boost your sales in China market

How hard is it to get a trademark in china?

Trademark registration has some key milestones to follow up, you can regsiter one China trademark by your own ID or company.

Choose SODA Global Marketing as your trademark agency in China, those process will be all handled by us, which will be very easy for you.

How to register trademark in china

  • Trademark search in China, if no similar existing trademark,you can move to next step.

  • Submit documents to government for your China trademark register.

  • Follow up return from government until released.

Why choose SODA as trademark office in China?

SODA Global Marketing is China market focused marketing company, provide full service to help customer to launch business in China.

  • SODA  has professional legal expert team in trademark office in China

  • SODA Global has global locations in UK, US, HK and China

  • Trademark package includes full work follow from register to certificate issued.

  • Fast and efficient customer service 

  • SODA can work as your china patent and trademark office

China Trademark Application Package

How to register a trademark in China? SODA package includes all China trademark registration process.

  • Select your target trademark name and category

  • Decide you would like to own by personal or company

  • Prepare application documents and submit

  • Follow up with TM certificate->Initial Audit Letter->Final China trademark R certificate, total lead time for one trademark application process is 10-12 months.

China trademark register price
china patent and trademark office

Trademark is just a start

Intellectual property is very import for a brand, SODA can help you to apply all properties in China

  • Copyright for your software, content, music

  • Patent for your product design and function

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