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Educational Marketing in China: How to catch education trend and opportunity in 2022

Introduction to Education Market

The world was still battling COVID19 in 2022. Even if you did similar activities before the epidemic, updating your knowledge is important now that our world has changed. Everything is re-evaluated by your audience. Understanding your target market and knowing what is important for them and the challenges they may face is the backbone of education marketing.

Educational Marketing is understanding your target market and knowing what is important for them and the challenges they may face .
Educational Marketing: Marketing Strategy adapting New Normal Economy

What is Educational Marketing?

Education market research is the process of studying and acquiring information about the education industry. It gives clients knowledge about what they want to know or need to know about a specific topic, industry, or product. The data is used to learn more about program and/or course content and development, as well as student, employee, customer, and client satisfaction, recruitment efforts, branding, market trends, pricing, and other topics. It's an approach that's worked for decades, and many companies are already using it to its full potential.

Importance of Educational Marketing Strategy

Market research for education may disclose the current market landscape, including an overview of present and new rivals, industry trends, and the most effective positioning tactics. Educators and educational institutions aren't the only ones who employ educational marketing. More students have more options since there are more programs and courses that are more broadly available (i.e., taught remotely). If schools, and by extension the firms that supply them, wish to attract and maintain the attention they require for success, they must stand out. Investing in instructional marketing is an option for any company, regardless of industry.

Business Opportunity for Education Industry in China

China's education system is one of the world's largest, most developed, and fastest expanding in the world, according to the World Bank.

In terms of income, China boasts one of the world's largest education sectors, with a market worth an estimated $300 billion each year. There are three major areas in the education landscape to consider: formal education, supplemental education, and education services.

Formal education includes kindergarten, primary and secondary school, high school, secondary vocational education and training, and postsecondary education and training geared at adults. Formal education also includes informal education. Additional education includes early childhood enrichment and care, K-12 academic tutoring, K-12 enrichment, junior English language training (ELT), foreign counseling and test preparation, skill-based vocational training, white collar professional development, adult tertiary programs, and corporate training.