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How to start Weibo marketing ? 5 main tips to promote on Weibo, understand from here first.

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Weibo (微博) is a Chinese-language social media platform for microblogging that is loosely modelled on Twitter and has more than half of the Chinese market.

Weibo marketing for Chinese online marketing looks like Twitter marketing outside China
Weibo is similar as Twitter outside China

Sina Weibo was launched in August 2009 by Sina Corp, an online Chinese Media Group headquatered in Shanghai. It is an open network platform that focuses more on content sharing, visibility and community building. Sina Weibo users can upload gifs, images, videos, and text to their networks. This, combined with Weibo’s easy sharing functionality, enables Weibo to be a large source of trending content and information.

Although Weibo no longer dominates China’s social space, it is still growing fast and Weibo marketing is an essential tool for brands wanting to gain visibility in China.

Weibo marketing is best choice for launching Chinese social media content in China
Weibo Marketing

There are 5 main ways for brands to gain visibility on Weibo:

1 Weibo Influencer Campaigns

This is the most straightforward and efficient way to carry promotions on Weibo. The mechanism is a simple KOL promotion: pay or gift influencers in exchange for exposure.

Weibo has a powerful advertising back-end enabling to display advertising in users news feed. Weibo ads have several advantages which make them stand out:

-Cheaper CPM

-Ability to target users following other accounts (including competitors)

-Retargeting users who participated in past campaigns

-Retargeting Tmall customers

-As for KOL, direct links to Taobao or Tmall

3 Weibo Lottery

Weibo includes a native system enabling to design transparent lotteries for users to win prizes.

4 Cross-Promotion on Weibo

Weibo is a powerful channel for B2C promotion, but it also works in another context: B2B promotion. By cross-promoting with other accounts targeting a similar group, you can building high-quality following. This also works in B2C space for brands sharing a similar positioning and aesthetics.

5 Organic growth

The last medium of growth on Weibo is organic growth. By definition, it can’t easily be controlled or managed. Careful A-B testing of posts content (in order to increase engagement and re-shares) is however essential in order to generate significant organic growth.

Weibo marketing starts from Weibo profile registration and Weibo content for Chinese Weibo marketing
Weibo Profile and Post

Many businesses - both local and international - rely on Sina Weibo as a source of real-time consumer reviews, and use the platform as a place to engage customer communities.This fantastic platform can also contribute traffic to your China online shop like Taobao, Tmall or your own website SEO in Baidu.


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