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How to be a seller on Tmall Global: Primary Merchant Guidelines from Tmall China Agent in 2021

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

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What is the difference between Tmall China and Tmall Global?

The requirement of the store opening is different

Tmall Global requires an overseas company, but Tmall China requires a domestic company to act as applicant.

Different application fees

Whatever you apply to open store on Tmall or Tmall Global, merchant need to pay guarantee deposits and technical annual fees. Tmall Global requires much higher guarantee deposit than Tmall China store, exact deposit amount depends on your niche.

Click here to know how much deposit you need to pay if you would like to apply a store on Tmall Global.

Different delivery channels

Tmall use China domestic carrier to deliver, Tmall Global uses direct carrier from overseas warehouse or China duty-free warehouse.

Brands operation are different

Tmall Global is China's largest cross-border B2C online marketplace,a part of Alibaba, which is focusing on overseas brands and retailers without operations in China to build virtual storefronts and ship products into China from their home countries, like Tmall hongkong, Global Merchant page has English version.

Tmall China is for brands and retailers from China local to sell their products, every page is in Chinese.

What is business opportunity with Tmall?

Statistic Tmall Revenue of or Alibaba 2021

Tmall revenue 2021
Tmall revenue 2021

Alibaba or Tmall active users 2021

Tmall users in 2021
Tmall users in 2021

Alibaba’s Tmall Global Single day’s Hot sales on Nov.11th, 2021

Tmall Global Doule eleven single day 2021
Tmall Global Doule eleven single day 2021

Besides China 618 ecommerce day, the top China ecommerce festival will come next month. Double eleven day, 11.11, Chinese Single Day on Nov.11st, top China e-commerce promotion day like Black Friday in United States.It is the best opportunity to help worldwide brands power their businesses globally through cross-border commerce. In 2020, 11.11 generated more than $ 74 billion in sales.

Crazy increasing trends on this single day’s sales and forecast for 2021:

2009: 50 million yuan

2010: 936 million yuan

2011: 3.36 billion yuan

2012: 19.1 billion yuan

2013: 35.2 billion yuan

2014: 57.1 billion yuan

2015: 91.2 billion yuan

2016: 120.7 billion yuan

2017: 168.269 billion yuan

2018: 213.5 billion yuan

2019: 268.4 billion yuan

2020: 498.2 billion yuan

2021: forecast at least 550 billion yuan

Tmall Global offers the manufacturers with advertising and marketing recommendation and publicity to enhance logo awareness, consisting of taking part in a committed livestreaming consultation withinside the lead-as much as 11.11.

Alibaba Group’s challenge is to make it clean to do commercial enterprise anywhere. The company pursues to construct the destiny infrastructure of commerce. Alibaba’s Tmall is preparing for the upcoming raining sales on 11.11 2021 or Single day. For more updates of Tmall 11.11 2021 hot sales please visit news update from SODA Global Marketing Blog.

6 Basic steps on how to start selling on

  1. Check your category whether it is listed for cross border seller .

  2. Business entity related documents

  3. You must be a certified Brand owner, you need to have trademark in your local country

  4. Know all regulations and cost structure to sell on Tmall Global

  5. Define product and price strategy for Tmall Global

  6. Choose one reliable Tmall Global Agency to start store registration and following steps.

Why I need Tmall Global Partner?

Tmall partners refers to third party companies or Tmall agents that provide unique services to integrate and operate business on Alibaba's e-commerce platforms in China.

“Tmall Partner” or “Taobao Partner”, or TP for short is a licensed e-trade operator who gives services to all organizations or manufacturers guidelines or steps on how to begin selling and promoting on and Tmall Global. A licensed Tmall agent additionally provides one-stop technique to manage their whole e-trade operations, to promote to Chinese purchasers online.

Top Tmall Partner Primary guidelines

Tmall global agent SODA Global Marketing is 101% trusted and certified Tmall Partner that provides one-stop marketing and sales service to solve all your pain points. Learn more

SODA Global Marketing provides completed services about Tmall Global ecommerce operation by professional operation team of 7 people for each client, feel free to book a meeting with us for Tmall service case study.:

  • Tmall Global store application

  • Alipay Merchant application

  • Tmall store daily operation, such as infographic design,keywords SEO on Tmall, promotion for product, price strategy...

  • Tmall on site advertising, Zhitongche...

  • Tmall store online customer service

  • Tmall store aftersales service

  • Tmall store logistics support

Outside Tmall, we can also help your brand for below Chinese marketing:

If you are looking for the Tmall Partner or right Tmall Global Agencies that powers your brand to China, SODA Global Marketing is likewise operating on growing beneficial income channels for clients.a Tmall Partner that gives customised sales development channel service to assist clients to avoid all headache for languages, complicated processes, China cultures...begin selling smart in China.


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