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How to be a seller on Tmall Global: Primary Merchant Guidelines from Tmall China Agent in 2021

Updated: Mar 30

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What is difference between Tmall China and Tmall Global?

What is business opportunity with Tmall?

6 Basic steps on how to start selling on Tmall.com?

Why I need Tmall Global Partner?

What is the difference between Tmall China and Tmall Global?

The requirement of the store opening is different

Tmall Global requires an overseas company, but Tmall China requires a domestic company to act as applicant.

Different application fees

Whatever you apply to open store on Tmall or Tmall Global, merchant need to pay guarantee deposits and technical annual fees. Tmall Global requires much higher guarantee deposit than Tmall China store, exact deposit amount depends on your niche.

Click here to know how much deposit you need to pay if you would like to apply a store on Tmall Global.

Different delivery channels

Tmall use China domestic carrier to deliver, Tmall Global uses direct carrier from overseas warehouse or China duty-free warehouse.

Brands operation are different

Tmall Global is China's largest cross-border B2C online marketplace,a part of Alibaba, which is focusing on overseas brands and retailers without operations in China to build virtual storefronts and ship products into China from their home countries, like Tmall hongkong, www.tmall.hk.Tmall Global Merchant page has English version.

Tmall China is for brands and retailers from China local to sell their products, every page is in Chinese.

What is business opportunity with Tmall?

Statistic Tmall Revenue of Tmall.com or Alibaba 2021