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Live Streaming Apps in China-Douyin drive big sales Chinese Tiktok

Updated: Jan 20

Livestreaming Ecommerce has become a new massive sales channel

China ecommerce has reached 1 trillion dollars in 2020, which increased 138 billion from 2019, Live streaming ecommerce contributes obviously to this increasing data, it was estimated to be 60 billion USD in one year.

Now streaming sales become more and more powerful, not very similar as youtube live, such live stream sales make good use of influencer streams on their own social media channels to encourage sales, customers have multiple channels to choose the products they need. Not only Taobao, Tmall, JD, Pinduoduo,VIP.com but also live streaming channels like Douyin, Redbook...Even though Alibaba's Taobao live still ranks NO. 1 for live streaming about 80%, but another large Chinese e-commerce player, Douyin is increasing more and more strongly.

What is live streaming? Sell on Douyin vs Tiktok?

Douyin, Chinese Tiktok, most popular live streaming e-commerce in China
Live Streaming E-commerce sales in China-Douyin, Chinese Tiktok

Short Video Selling

Similar to various good things of life and snack recommendations such as late-night snacks, each short video can be linked to a products window, and the audience can be attracted to click on the product link by introducing the product or letting the product appear.

Live Streaming Selling

This is the current delivery method chosen by most merchants, and it is also a way for Douyin to support traffic, which is to sell goods through live streaming.

As long as you have enough time, high-rate eloquence, and some discounts, there is no upper limit on the sales volume of your live streaming.