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Top New Social Media platforms in China and Content Strategy in 2021

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

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Social Media in China

What is China’s latest social media? To promote your brand widely in China, it is important to fully engage in the most popular Chinese social media. If you are merchants who interested in the Chinese market, you are on the right page to discover more social media strategies except WeChat and Weibo marketing.

There are tons of social media platforms in China with 971.29 million active users, and they are still increasing. According to the data of Statista, the number of Chinese social network users will reach 1135.13 million by 2025. Social media marketing in China is very helpful to increase brand awareness. In addition to the well-known Sina Weibo and WeChat, this article will introduce two emerging social media platforms- Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) and Zhihu.


Some people already know Xiaohongshu's name, but not sure how to make use of Xiaohongshu to make money and promote content on Xiaohongshu's APP.

Xiaohongshu is also known as Little RedBook or RED is a Chinese social media and e-commerce platform that allows its user to share lifestyles, review luxury and foreign products, suggest traveling tips. Xiaohongshu is like a mixture of Pinterest and Instagram.

Xiaohongshu is also an e-commerce platform, which allows its users to purchase products and services directly from merchants. This app officially partnered with lots of international brands and trusted among Chinese consumers.

Who use Xiaohongshu (Little RedBook/ Red)

Most of the users on Xiaohongshu are young females from 16 to 35 years old, lived in 1st and 2nd tier cities in China. 60% of recent registers were born after 1998, and the user group image is slowly extending to 3rd and 4th-tier cities.

The commercial value of Xiaohongshu/ Little RedBook/ Red

Xiaohongshu has become a pre-purchase journey for Chinese consumers. When they make purchasing decisions, people always search for recommendations and reviews on Xiaohongshu as the first step. Some people just use Xiaohongshu for ‘window shopping, looking for lifestyle inspiration such as daily outfits, hairstyles, cosmetics, health, fitness, home decoration, etc.