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This Week's Top Stories About How To Advertise In China

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

China is recording significant growth in the advertising sector. The country's advertisement revenue has been surging thanks to improved internet connectivity. However, the onset of Covid-19 slowed down the advertising, but operations will resume to normalcy with time. The great purchasing power of Chinese consumers is also playing a significant role in transforming the advertising market. How to advertise in China? China's advertising strategies are exceptional, and the rules here are different. Forget about Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter when talking about advertising in this country. Therefore, the following tips may be helpful to western investors and entrepreneurs intending to benefit from the Chinese advertising market. If you want spend limited budget and advertiser in China, this article will tell you!

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Chinese Search Engines

In China, there are both traditional and modern advertising strategies. The old-fashioned strategies include use of radio, TV, and Newspaper Ads. In recent years, these ancient modes of advertising have contributed less to the advertising market. Most businesses have shifted to the internet to create awareness about their products. Here, companies and single businesses mostly use search engines and other online tools to reach their target market.

Baidu dominates the Chinese search engine market. Google has no place in China and may not be ideal for promoting the business in this country. Reportedly, more than 60% of china’s research is carried on Baidu. The Chinese Google has various Search Engine Marketing (SEM) options, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC). Moreover, there is Baidu Brand Zone and Display Advertisement.

Setting up advisements on Baidu can be challenging as one needs a license to prove ownership of the website. Also, one should have more than $7,000 to create an account with Baidu. The website should also use Mandarin Chinese Keywords to help drive more online traffic. Other Chinese search engines include Sogou and Qihoo 360. Baidu may help reach many consumers in mainland China.

SODA Global Marketing China market focus, help you to launch business in China, Chinese digital marketing and China e-commerce management.Website:, Address: 41 Buckingham Way, Wallington, Surrey SM6 LU, UK

Chinese Social Media

WeChat is a Chinese super app that plays a vital role in boosting the advertising market. It is messaging app with more the one billion monthly users and many business brands. Foreigners without legally registered businesses may find it challenging to make money on this app. WeChat marketing pays if one creates and verifies the account. However, the advertising costs on this app can be hefty. The advertising modes in this app include WeChat Moments and Banner Ads. WeChat Banner ads are the best way to get followers that attract high Rates of Investment (ROI). After creating an account, the followers will be seeing the content at a subscription fee. However, only subscribers can see the content created.

Sina Weibo is another big player in Chinese social media. Born by the Sina Corporation, Weibo has more than 600 million users and rivals WeChat in terms of efficiency. The app is regarded as the Chinese Twitter, and its openness makes it people's favorite. Allowing users to access posts from various people helps promote the business quickly and at low costs. Moreover, Weibo has few users compared to WeChat, making advertising easy because of less competition. Advertising on Weibo includes displaying ads, fan funnels, fan tunnels, and Weibo Search Engine Promotion. The Chinese social media is also never complete without Douyin, Kuaishou, RED, Zhihu, and Toutiao.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile phones also have a significant contribution to the ever-growing advertising china. Undoubtedly, it is among the countries with a large number of Smartphone users. Mobile advertising is fuelled by the big players in e-commerce, including Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent. However, it is important to identify the consumer's target market and buying reputation before advertising on Mobile. In short, send the banner ads, videos, and coupons to the right group of consumers. The onset of 5G networks will help take mobile advertising beyond as there will be quick access to the content.

To Sum Up

Advertising in China can be challenging for non-Chinese businesses. However, the China Digital Marketing Agency is dedicated to help foreigners set up and run businesses in China. SODA Global Marketing is among the leading China Digital agencies that have transformed the lives of many foreign entrepreneurs and investors. Select the suitable advertising method, including the Chinese Search Engines and social media to get started.


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