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Where are best location to export to China? Top China Free Trade Zones are listed here!

Updated: Jan 20

Free Trade Zone

FTZs are designated areas where foreign companies can engage in economic activities that are generally not accepted elsewhere in the country. For example, goods can be stored, handled, produced, and re-exported, without interference from the Chinese customs, and without the need of paying import duties.

Where are FTZs?

Currently there are more than 16 provinces and key cities have Free trade zones, like Guangdong, Hainan, Shanghai, Zhejiang...

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Benefits of setting up a company in a FTZ:

  • Faster and easier registrations in FTZs

  • It is cheaper to urge a China Trademark

  • Duty-free import

  • Free warehouse storage.

  • Simplified customs procedures.

  • Relaxed exchange Controls.

  • Industry business clusters.

  • Goods can move between FTZs and overseas without the necessity for paying taxes and duties in China