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How Metaverse is changing the way businesses connect with consumers

Metaverse New Era is Coming

In 2021, Facebook has officially change their name to Meta which signaled a shift in their branding strategy and they are looking to focus on building"me a taverse"; a virtual space that will in future years take over the mobile platform.

As part of how technological advancement is taking over the internet, particularly augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), CEO of Meta’s; Mark Zuckerberg, in his interview mentioned that they are looking to level up their video and Reels experience with more actual liveness and connected experiences in the near future. That would mean businesses would soon have to put more thought into curating video content that has an immersive experience.

What is Meta Verse?

It is more than a social network. Meta Verse provides a venue for the virtual experience (think about augmented reality); a recent paradigm online shift that has spiked dramatically just like how cryptocurrency and NFTs are taking over the internet.

As consumers are drawn to shorter and relatable content, brands would now have to adapt and evolve from the static posts and consider what really engages potential customers.

Virtual experience is the next trend in social network

Today’s AR technology has evolved to more than just fun filters or adding virtual content to our physical world. It allows brands to leverage on the advancement to create a perception that customers can immerse in a wholesome experience in three dimensions. This changes the lifecycle marketing as we see AR helping to expedite the path to purchase.

“Augmented reality is absolutely, undeniably coming for the future of digital marketing.” - Think Google