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Brand marketing on Zhihu - largest Chinese Q&A platform 2021: Reach your educated professional users

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Zhihu is a way of all professionals and bachelors to share their best experiences to all youth.
Zhihu largest Q&A: Sharing knowledge is a new Investment

What is Zhihu?

You may not meet Zhihu yet! You might want to ask how Zhihu makes money? Is Zhihu Popular?

Absolutely yes! Zhihu is the Chinese equivalent of Quora in the United States. This platform enables its users to ask questions and get answers from the community.

Zhihu official website: or the Chinese equivalent of Quora in the United States was founded by Zhou Yuan, Huang Jixin and Li Shenshen that commenced in August 2010. The website was released on January 26, 2011. Zhihu has amassed over 44 million questions, encouraging people to share knowledge, stories and insights, and to locate their answers. Over the years, the agency additionally advanced its commercial enterprise version and went IPO, with a list at the New York Stock Exchange on March 23, 2021 (Zhihu Inc – ADR) is a famous on-line content material network with the mission of allowing humans to share expertise, knowledge, experience, and insights even as additionally locating their personal answers.

Zhihu has worked so hard, tirelessly to set up itself as a reliable content material network considering its inception. Users on Zhihu discover and enjoy a huge variety of content material, starting from each day life-style and enjoyment subjects to state-of-the-art know-how and experience, in addition to guidance for existence activities and decisions. Zhihu fosters a colourful on-line network wherein users make a contribution and engage well as respecting variety and valuing cons through promoting a culture of sincerity, expertise, and respect evolved over years of cultivation.

Differences between Zhihu and Quora

Zhihu versus Quora
Quora and Zhihu: Pros & Cons

Quora and Zhihu are both question and answer on social-media a new art of sharing knowledge experiences online. These ways are good opportunities to inspire youth and all aspiring to become success and reach their dream. The only differences by the two are in language, Zhihu releasing trending topics and promoting products. This become the most famous platform to share knowledge by giving the opportunities to market their books or any article and/or tips that can be helpful and to inspire all people for their future.

Zhihu customers have a tendency to be typically indispensable thinkers. Their common hang out day by day on Zhihu is about 1 hour. Users are extra aware of a selected subject matter and inclined to study the posts they're involved in. So the operation of Zhihu advertising of your services or products need to be precise from the manner you sell it on WeChat, Weibo, etc.

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Zhihu is developing outside China now, Zhihu IPO in US Stock started in March, 2021, raises $523 million in U.S. IPO despite uneasy ties, which means content inside Zhihu can be promoted to more and more viewers in the world.

Zhihu Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2021

Zhihu Inc. total Revenue 2021
Zhihu Financial Report: Total Revenue 2021

Who is using Zhihu?

Zhihu users

  • Zhihu users are made up of educated people, around 80% of Zhihu users have a bachelor's degree or more. This means that Zhihu's main consumer base is highly engaged and educated users. In addition,

  • Most users are between 20 and 35 years old.

  • According to data from, 35% of users earn more than 15,000 RMB per month, so Zhihu users are educated and have purchasing power.They are the target audience for marketers.

Which brands might stand to gain from this?

Zhihu is an ideal platform for brands working in business-to-business, education, or other difficult areas, thanks to its youthful yet highly educated profession al user base.

Zhihu is especially effective for firms offering professional services or high-end products because its visitors are already looking for specific information on a wide range of topics (anything that benefits from a bit of explanation). This is true for niche products like personal care, technology, and baby products, as well as services like insurance, financial investment, education, and healthcare.

Why Zhihu is so important for Chinese content marketing?

In 2016, Zhihu opened up the platform to 'business accounts.' Many international firms, including Audi, Siemens, Amazon, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel (to mention a few), leaped at the chance to enter China's burgeoning market.

Take a look at the basic demands of consumers to understand why there is such a surge of interest:

Answering inquiries on a variety of topics, many of which are unique or unusual.

Obtaining high-quality information — replies must be truthful and trustworthy.

Responses that are professional and friendly — users want well-structured and courteous responses.

These main requests represent significant chances for 'brand building' and entry points into the purchasing journeys of Chinese customers.

Is it difficult to start marketing on Zhihu?

Of course not, you can find easy way to register on Zhihu:

1. Open your account in Zhihu (choose your account)

  • Personal Zhihu Users account

  • Zhihu Brands/Organization account

2. Zhihu brand Account Verification

  • Have Professional email address to activate your account

  • Type of account you must have:Choose between a business, government or other organization account

  • Account verification(blue badge)

3. Requirements and Documents needed

  • China Business license learn more

  • Company’s name and operating license, valid ID

  • Nature of Business

  • Avatar

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