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How to catch video marketing opportunity in China? Chinese Tiktok - Douyin is your best choice!

Updated: Jan 20

In China, Douyin is a massive deal! According to Douyin China Tiktok, a fifteen-second video platform that allows viewers to watch videos with numerous effects, music backgrounds, filters, and other tools to be as creative as they want. It is becoming more and more commonplace in China for social media networks to provide their users with an online retail option.

Douyin China Tiktok is a video social platform tool with great potential in providing branded content and interacting with Chinese consumers. If you are interested in Chinese market and Tiktok marketing, SODA Global Marketing believes these are some douyin China Tiktok marketing methods that can help you start supporting your marketing or advertising plan in China and increase your chances of success. If you want to know more, please visit us at www.soda-global.com, and contact us at sales@soda-global.com.

Douyin, a company owned by ByteDance, intends to expand investment in its in-app search feature, which presently has 550 million monthly active users.In the past year, more than tens of millions of people have relied on Douyin to generate income. In the next year, ByteDance hopes to double this number.

Covid-19 has shifted a large amount of offline demand and business modes on short videos, spawning a series of short video realizations, live streaming, remote classes, cloud and other new money-making models.

Advantages of China Tiktok - Douyin

The outstanding features of Douyin: decentralization, algorithm mechanism, and overlay recommendation

Open platform:

The biggest difference between Douyin and WeChat official account is: You can only view Wechat official account content you followed, it is one half -open platform, very limited opportunity to recommend content to unfollowed audience if they don't search keyword to look for some content.

But Douyin is different. You can see all contents, no matter whether you already followed that account or not.Douyin is one open platform, if you publish any content, unlimited audience can have chance to watch it.

In this way, a lot of opportunities for new Douyin creators, that is why SODA Global Marketing recommend everyone to do Douyin. As long as the content is sufficiently in line with the current trend, you can still get more followers and generate Realization(Money).

Recommendation system:

Douyin relies on the Toutiao news recommendation system, which is different from the system of the WeChat official account.

Each video will be given a specific quantity of traffic, usually between 1-200 or 500-1000, as part of the system's core recommendation mechanism.

To be eligible for the next traffic pool, the video's replay and engagement rates must be met, and this information is updated in real time.

Overlay recommendation:

In order to get superimposed traffic after publishing a video, the engagement data are same as the traffic pool. Generally, if the quality of your new post is good and can touch the hot trending topic, you may get a playback volume about 1k allocated by the system. If the share volume reaches 30, then the system will automatically determine that the video is very popular, so it will automatically improve the authority of this video, so that the overlay recommendation will be million; If the share volume reaches 3