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The Ultimate Guide to Baidu SEO: Tips and Strategies for Chinese Search Engine

In order to reach your target audience in China, you should start the promotion in Baidu from very beginning, whatever B2C or B2B business. Since everything related with Baidu is in Chinese, The Baidu search engine presents the greatest challenge for most foreign experts’ working in the field of search engine optimization (SEO).

ultimate guide for baidu seo Chinese search engines

Google is the top popular search engine which takes 84% share of the market worldwide, but when we talk about Baidu VS Google, especially when you are interested in penetrating the Chinese market, you should know Baidu is China's equivalent of Google, which reached 70% of all queries entered into search engines in China 2023. When that proportion is applied to China's population of over 1.4 billion people, you are looking at a significant number of prospective clients. In September 2022, there were over 634 million people using the Baidu App on a monthly basis; this represented a 5% increase year-on-year. Baidu also continues to expand each year. However, Google is used for only 4% of internet research in China, which is far less than other countries.

As one Award Chinese Digital Marketing Agent, also Baidu SEO Agency,our experts would like to share you some valuable knowledge, help you to understand China SEO in a different way than you are probably used to thinking about it in relation to Google.also help you to achieve the goal of ranking of your website on Baidu.Let's look at them.

Quick Guidelines

We will share 4 important sections for you to have one ultimate guide for SEO on Baidu.


What is Baidu?

Baidu 百度 was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Beijing.Baidu began as a search engine platform,was an early user of artificial intelligence in 2010 with the goal of simplifying the process of finding material on the internet. Baidu has also developed new AI companies with the use of "Baidu Brain," which is the company's fundamental AI technology engine.

Now Baidu is a massive Chinese technology company that specializes in artificial intelligence and internet-related services and products. Maps, news, video (IQIYI), an encyclopedia, anti-virus software, and internet TV are just some of the consumer-oriented services that are available on 百度官网.

Similar to Google, Baidu's principal source of revenue is derived from services related to search engine marketing (SEM). It does this using a mechanism known as pay for placement, or P4P, in which consumers view advertising that are pertinent to their search results. Their P4P technology assists clients with search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword selection, which ultimately helps customers' websites position higher in search results. Customers are also given the opportunity to bid for placement using Baidu's P4P platform, which enables marketers to pick keywords and then compete for first link placement in search results utilizing those keywords.

Inside Baidu Search Engine, when you open Baidu browser, you can see options as :

  • Baidu search 百度搜索

  • Baidu News 百度新闻

  • Baidu Maps 百度地图

  • Baidu Image 百度图片

  • Baidu Video 百度视频

  • Baidu Drive 百度网盘

  • Baidu Forum Tieba 百度贴吧

  • Baidu translate 百度翻译

  • Baidu Baike 百度百科

We also got frequent questions from our customers about basic information of Baidu:

  • What is the url for in English?

  • Is there Baidu map in Engish?

  • Is there Baidu APP in English?

The answers to questions above are NO! Baidu is the Chinese language based platform, so all contents inside are in simplified Chinese language.For next section I will introduce what key elements you should prepare before marketing on Baidu.

What are initial steps to prepare SEO for Baidu?

Before promoting on Baidu, you need to prepare some initial important points in advance.

1. Build one Chinese Website with simplified Chinese characters

The fact that Baidu exclusively indexes simplified Chinese characters is its most notable quality and primary point of differentiation from competitors. Because of this, it is essential that you make your website accessible to users that speak simplified Chinese. In point of fact, Baidu favors websites that are written entirely in Chinese and has trouble differentiating between many languages. Therefore, a Chinese homepage is something we recommend having if we want to emerge as a priority and boost its visibility.

As China's google, Baidu has similar logic as Google, the on site basic settings is very important.

Host your website by Chinese server

If possible to rent one server in China mainland, that will be very helpful for your page loading speed and the basic request for China ICP license.

Some customers are asking us, whether it will be a must to have one ICP licence to promote their Chinese website on Baidu? The answer is NO! Your website's ranking is determined by a wide variety of other variables, and a site that is hosted outside of China without China ICP license can still have chance of reaching the top rankings for even the most competitive keywords.

Register a domain name with a Chinese extension, either .cn or, is essential.

When it comes to developing a website for the Chinese market, the decision of whether or not to utilize domain is among the most important considerations. Our advice is to avoid using a domain ending unless the website in question is specifically designed for the Chinese market. Keep utilizing your primary domain even if you are targeting various markets with your website (for example, by employing a translation plugin to offer up content that has been localized).

Set the correct Metadata and use HTTPS in China

Metadata, also known as meta description> and meta keyword>, are two tags that help place metadata on an HTML page so that information can be accessed by browsers, search engines, and other indexation tools.

Because meta keywords might still have an effect on Baidu, they should be handled in the same manner that you would optimize a page for keywords (that is, they should not be spammed over the site in an effort to make it more relevant).

The acronym HTTPS refers to the Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The "Secure" portion of its name refers to a security feature that encrypts the data that is being exchanged between computers and servers over the internet. This feature is what the "Secure" portion of its name alludes to. The previous standard, known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), could easily be hacked; this is the primary reason why HTTP is being replaced with HTTPS in the near future.

It is well knowledge that Baidu has trouble indexing JavaScript; thus, you should ensure that all of your essential information and links are presented in plain HTML format on both the mobile and desktop versions of your website.

After you finish your Chinese website, you need to submit your site to Baidu open-source platform.

2. Consider Both Qualitative and Quantitative Contents If You Want to Rank on Baidu

Our observations have shown that Baidu has a significantly lower tolerance for content that is duplicated. If a website receives a penalty from Baidu for having duplicate material, it may take a significantly longer amount of time to regain lost ranks. Due to the fact that content scraping is still a fairly widespread strategy utilized by SEOs in China, Baidu continues to struggle with a significant amount of duplicate material.

It is absolutely necessary to provide original, high-quality material on a consistent basis if you want to get a high ranking on Baidu. Your website's authority and trust rank will improve as a result of this. Websites that have a large number of pages will naturally be given more weight by regional search engines.

Because generating new material on a daily basis is a significant undertaking, many new businesses have decided to republish their previous sites after adding fresh new information to the top of those pages. This informed Baidu that the page had been modified since it was last indexed. Even while engaging in such activities isn't a suitable replacement for posting new information, you should nonetheless make an effort to do so on days when you don't have anything novel to report or discuss.

3. Make sure to optimize your Chinese website in mobile version

You may make use of Baidu's App Transcoding even if your website is not optimized for mobile devices or if the templates you use on your mobile devices are simplified versions of those you use on your desktop.

This "experience" takes the content of your website that is located on pages that are not mobile-friendly and changes it into an experience that is mobile-friendly.

Mobile access is more important to Chinese consumers than it is to customers in any other country, making mobile optimization essential to business success in China. When it comes to determining search results, the leading search engine, Baidu, focuses a large amount of attention on websites that are mobile-friendly.

This trend can be easily found if check the result from impressions and clicks for keywords advertising on Baidu, the mobile end impressions will be normally 4-5 times than PC end.

How to do Baidu advertising ?

Advertising on Baidu is the key step to get query from Baidu China, there are also onsite way and offsite way to promote.

1. Use Social Media posting and PR are very helpful to speed up indexing and ranking

One of the most notable distinctions between Baidu and Google is in the manner in which Baidu crawls and indexes websites.

A website will be indexed by Google over time as it discovers new URLs, but in Baidu, you can influence and speed up this process through marketing and public relations. Google indexes websites more slowly.

This drives more traffic to your brand or website, which in turn results in more good user signals and search inquiries.

There are many good vertical big medias or news media can be ranked very high on Baidu, like China Daily 人民日报,CCTV,Sina新浪网,Sohu搜狐,Net ease网易,Baidu News百度新闻. There are many medias for different categories.

Top Social Media like Weibo 微博Little Redbook 小红书Zhihu知乎, the posts on such platforms are very easy to index and rank high on Baidu search result.

Baidu Tieba Baidu MAP are also helpful for ranking on 百度

2. Baidu Paid Advertisement is vital for SEO in Baidu

To put it another way, using Baidu is an essential step that cannot be skipped in Chinese SEO. Baidu is used as the foundation for seventy percent of all first-stage research that is carried out. You will, however, need to analyze keywords in Mandarin Chinese in order for your advertising campaigns on Baidu to be successful; we are able to assist you with this work as your Baidu display agency.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising on Baidu: In spite of the fact that Baidu PPC cannot compete with the developed state of a product such as Google Ads, it is without a doubt the most effective platform in China and is expanding at a rapid rate.You can check more detail about Baidu PPC to understand how it works.

Baidu is an exception when it comes to advertising in China, where the expenses of advertising (particularly print, video, sponsored posts, or influencer) are orders of magnitude more than comparable approaches in the West. When it comes to comparable search phrases, Baidu often has a lower CPC (cost per click) than Google does (however this might vary based on the keywords and the sector).

Why you need one Baidu SEO agency?

Google VS Baidu, if you plan to use same strategy to run this mandarin SEO in China, you will be totally lost.Here are some reasons to show why you need one Baidu Agency to support you.

Foreign customers are very hard to use Baidu SEO tool

Utilizing the intuitive interface of the Baidu Webmaster Tools platform, you are able to increase the amount of traffic that comes to your website from Baidu. In a manner that is analogous to that of Google's optimization tools, such as Google Search Console, the tool set offered by Baidu enables you to monitor the ranks and performance of your website while also supplying you with essential data for enhancing your presence on the internet.

Pity that this Baidu Webmaster Tools only has Chinese version and non-China user can not register one account on Baidu Webmaster.

All onsite contents and offsite optimization should be in Chinese

Your website all pages, metadata, blogs, PR and social posts, which are needed to be written in Chinese.

Search and analyze suitable Chinese keywords, then build Chinese backlinks and anchors are the basic work for offsite SEO.

Value which can be from Baidu marketing agency

As the professional Chinese search engine Baidu service provider, SODA team is located in Shenzhen China, we understand the Chinese language and the legal system of China very well, as well as the distinctive culture of China. With a wealth of knowledge gained over the years assisting companies in improving their rankings on China search engine optimization.

We use our own Baidu SEO keyword ranking tool to monitor customer's optimization and campaigns, also offer the access for customer to track keywords on Baidu advertising from our English system.

We can help customer for Chinese website design,China host and migration, ICP license application,SEO blog copywriting, Chinese keyword analysis, Chinese backlink acquisition from news/forum/video, Baidu advertising account registration and verification, Baidu paid campaign management, PR and Chinese social media posts...All in one for Chinese search engine baidu.

Contact us to start your Baidu search engines marketing now and rank your website higher to win more business soon!


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